About us

Our winery was bornin 1999 thanks to the ambition of Giorgio and Maria Grazia, whose passion for their land convinced them to buy and renovate the historical Cascina La Trava in their hometown of Mango. The first bottle of Moscato was produced in 2000. In time, Giorgio and Maria Grazia’s daughters inherited their parents’ passion and today Elena and Manuela are well and truly an integral part of the winery management.


We only have one philosophy: simplicity. Both in growing grapes and producing wine. Our vineyards are farmed with respect for the environement sourrounding them. The predominant colour is green: both the grapes and the grass growing among them.


We favour local varietals in order to keep the purest identity of the land intact. Starting from the 2015 harvest, we paired traditional farming methods with new techniques in order to enhance some of the properties that have been so far overlooked.