Company and Vineyards

Passion for the land

15 hectares of healthy vineyards

The company was founded in 1999 by the ambition of Giorgio and Maria Grazia who -driven by their passion for the territory- buy and renovate the historic "La Trava" farmhouse, on the hills of Mango, in Cuneo province. The first bottle of Moscato was produced in 2000. Over the years Giorgio and Maria Grazia have passed on the love for their work to their daughter Manuela, who in 2010 took over the management of the winery.

Our philosophy is one: simplicity. Both in the cultivation of the vine and in the production of wine. We carry out all the work in the rows respecting environment and nature that surrounds them. Green is the predominant color of our vines, both of the actual plants and that of the grass that grows between the rows.

We favor the cultivation of native vines to maintain the purest identity of this area. Alongside traditional processes, starting from the 2015 harvest we added innovative production methods, to enhance the wine characteristics that until now have been kept in the background. We therefore combine a serious work of research and development of the wine with the tradition to preserve the vine original taste integrity.

Precious soils

For exceptional grapes

We take care of the environment and our lands with innovative and simple methods.

We respect the work that for decades has cared for the territory that gives birth to fine grapes and good wines.

"Our philosophy is the care of simplicity"

World Heritage

The vineyards

Our vineyards are part of the territory which in 2014 was recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

A prize that makes our landscapes a site of particular cultural interest and historical value, emblem of the Italian wine business development.


Environmental awareness

Our work is based on the vine care in all its forms, trying to respect the environment with new methods and technologies. Awareness of the problems associated with the non-rational use of chemicals and the impact they can have has grown over time. We purchased machinery for the sub-row management of the vineyards with excellent results and we introduced and increased natural fertilizers for good soil care.

Furthermore, we also think about the subsequent phases that can impact the environment: light glass for each bottle for less expensive transport and reduction of paper in the sales process.


The family

La Trava, a place where now to make history is the wine of Maria Grazia Rivetti, Giorgio Costa and their daughter Manuela.

Restored the rooms and converted the vineyards with great care, Moscato wine began to be produced in 2000. La Trava winery also cultivates and produces Favorita, Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo.


Meet the winery protagonists

Maria Grazia: welcome and tasting

Manuela: vineyards and cellar

Giorgio: vineyards

Fuffi: the guardian